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This list is intended to provide easy access to local and web resources and a great variety of tips to help you live a greener lifestyle. It is organized according to the twenty-four “actions” in the Low Carbon Diet workbook.
We hope this helps you on your journey to low carbon living!
1.    Dumping on Garbage—Reducing Solid Waste
2.    Am I Clean Yet?—Reducing Hot Water Used in Showers
3.    Scrub-A-Dub Tub—Reducing Water Used for Dishes 
4.     Wear it Again Sam—Washing and Drying Clothes Efficiently
5.     Better a Sweater—Turning Down the Heating Thermostat
6.     Plug Your Electricity Leaks—Turning Appliances All the Way Off
7.     Chill-In—Cooling Your House More Efficiently
8.     Think Before You Go—Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled
9.     Drive Earth Smart—Fuel Efficient Driving
10.    Chew on This for a While—Eating Lower on the Food Chain
11.    Meet Your Water Heater—Making Your Water Heater Efficient
12.    Light of Your Life—Installing Energy Efficient Lights
13.    Chill Out—Sealing Air Leaks
14.    Furnace Fling—Tuning Up Your Furnace
15.    A Sustainable Energy Household—Achieving Maximum Energy Efficiency
16.    Green Power—Switching to Renewable Energy
17.    Is Your Car Physically Fit?—Maintaining an Efficient Car
18.    Befriend an Earth-Smart Auto—Buying a Fuel-Efficient Car
19.    Carbon Neutral—Neutralizing Your Carbon Footprint
20.    Psst—Encouraging People You Know to Go on a Low Carbon Diet
21.    A Cool Place to Work —Helping Your Workplace Reduce Its CO2 Footprint
22.    Cool Community—Empower Your Community to Go on a Low Carbon Diet
23.    A Cool Citizen—Helping Your Community Set Up CO2 Reduction System
24.    A Cool School—Helping Children Adopt Environmentally Sustainable LifestylesLifestyle.htmlHousehold_Systems.htmlEmpowering_Others.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2
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