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There are many way to get involved—from helping with publicity to joining an EcoTeam, from tracking household achievements to being a liaison with one or more schools. Participating in our CoolWin management team is especially helpful. With enough people to take on small, discrete tasks, the work gets done!
Meetings and Communications
We welcome new members to the project—at whatever level of participation works for them.
Management meetings are held in members homes, one or two evenings a month depending on the pace of activity. Before the meeting there’s often a shared vegetarian meal (optional).
Members who are unable to attend meetings participate by sharing their insights and knowledge via lively email exchanges.
Get Involved with EcoTeams
Start an EcoTeam of your own from among your neighbors or friends.
Find out how your club, church group, etc. can get involved as a partner organization running its own EcoTeams.
CoolWin will provide the training and support you need.
Get Involved with Energy Assessments
Sign yourself up for a CoolWin Energy Assessment (upgrade).
Talk with your neighbors and friends about getting an energy assessment.
Invite members of your club, church group, etc. to get energy assessments.
Donate to the CoolWin project via Sustainable Winchester ‘s PayPal account. 
Sustainable Winchester is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax deductible.
Volunteer—Lots of Roles
Publicist for Cool Winchester
Publicize Cool Winchester events on WinCentral, Patch, WinCam, and other community outreach sources. 
Maintain a publicity list for the project.
Write and submit press releases, email announcements, flyers, newspaper articles, and other media content.
Update “In the News” content for this CoolWin website.
Act as liaison to the media, such as the The Winchester Star, Patch, and The Winchester Times Chronicle.
Cool Winchester School Liaison
Coordinate with Winchester schools to encourage use of Journey for the Planet or other environmental materials that educate about energy issues.
Determine how the school programs can be aligned with and help Cool Winchester in reducing the community's carbon footprint.
Partner Organization Liaison
Identify contacts at potential partner organizations and invite them to an informational meeting about EcoTeams and energy assessments.
Communicate with partner organizations to help them identify an EcoTeam coordinator and/or team leaders and ensure they come to the training sessions
Keep in touch with partner organizations to see how they’re doing in reaching their EcoTeam commitments and if they need any assistance.
Volunteer Coordinator
Work with Cool Winchester management team to determine where volunteers are needed.
Write job descriptions for volunteer roles and ensure they are posted on the CoolWin website and on Win Central, Patch and WinCam.
Place qualified volunteers into the open roles and support them when they come on board.
Keep volunteers motivated and enthusiastic and create ways to thank/reward them.
Grant Administrator
Apply for grants and follow the grant requirements.
Carbon Reduction Tracker 
Maintain the record of results from EcoTeams and energy assessments.
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