NO-COST Home Energy Assessment
There’s Never Been a Better Time!
Whether you are an owner or a renter, Cool Winchester can help with your home energy improvements.
Join your community in taking steps to improve the comfort of your home, increase the value of your home, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and achieve short and long term savings. At the same time, you’ll help reduce emissions and water pollution and leave a better world for future generations.
We provide local guidance and support while our carefully selected partners—Boston-based Next Step Living and Winchester-based HomeWorks Energy—provide quality professional energy efficiency expertise. Both are Mass Save®-participating “Home Performance Contractors.” Our partnerships enable us to track how well Winchester is doing in its efforts to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. In addition, Sagewell helps determine homes most likely to benefit from energy improvements.
Act NOW for No-Cost Benefits
Assessment of your lighting, thermostats, major appliances, air sealing and insulation needs,
CFL light bulbs, setback thermostats, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators,
Infrared scans, when appropriate, to assess insulation quality,
Recommendations for insulating improvements, if needed,
Air sealing work (see description below) if there is enough to be done to be cost effective,
Instant rebates for 75% off insulation upgrades, up to $2,000.
What to Do?
Contact one of these providers:
Next Step Living     HomeWorks Energy     Sagewell, Inc.
866-867-8729         781-820-3475                 617-964-8140
Details re Rebates
Be sure to ask HomeWorks Energy or Next Step Living if you qualify for any of the following rebates and how to obtain them:
A Mass Save-sponsored rebate of 75% of the insulation cost, up to $2,000.
$150 rebate for replacing an eligible refrigerator, a $50 rebate for replacing a partially eligible refrigerator
Various rebates ranging from $50 to $1,600 for high efficiency home or hot water heating systems.
To learn more about federal incentives for renewable energy, see this EnergyStar information.
To learn more about state tax incentives for energy efficiency, see the following information at the DESRE site: Massachusetts Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. Then click, under State Rebate Program, Massachusetts Major Renovations Program.
Details re Insulation
Insulation (sometimes called weatherization) measures are not free, but are at set prices for a given measure, whether done by Next Step Living or HomeWorks Energy.
The difference between contractors’ quotes is in how much work is recommended, not the cost for a specific measure.  
If you are not convinced how much needs to be done, obtain a second opinion. Keep in mind, however, that a second opinion—in order to make the cost more appealing—might tend to recommend less work and possibly too little.
Zero percent interest HEAT Loans from $2,000–$25,000 for up to 7 years are available for insulation work, high- efficiency home or water heating systems and for certain windows.
Low income homeowners receiving fuel assistance qualify for no-cost insulation services. These homeowners should contact Tri-City CommunityAction Programs, Inc at 781-322-6284.
Cool Winchester advises owners and renters receiving assessments to follow up on suggested insulation actions, as these may provide important improvements.
Details re Air Sealing
Air sealing means installing insulation in the perimeter of the basement ceiling or attic floor, or in other places, such as around chimneys, plumbing penetrations or recessed light cans—places where air may leak from one level to the next.
Air sealing does not include caulking, weather stripping, door sweeps, etc.
Generally, there needs to be at least a half day of air sealing work in order for it to be cost effective to send a crew to the site.
Air sealing is not normally done during an assessment visit but during a subsequent weatherization (insulating) visit. If there is no need for additional insulation work but a "cost effective" amount of air sealing is still needed, the contractor can make a visit to do the air sealing.
Mass Save, not the customer, pays the contractor for doing the air sealing.
Cool Winchester advises owners and renters receiving assessments to follow up on any suggested air-sealing actions, as these may provide important improvements.
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 CoolWin’s Quality Control
Please contact Cool Winchester if you have any concerns about a contractor’s performance. While we cannot guarantee their work, we can work to resolve any differences.
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Who’s Who?
Next Step Living
A socially conscious, environmentally-focused, results-driven organization dedicated to helping individuals & communities.
Provides energy assessments to home owners in New England, helping them save money on their utility bills while protecting the planet.
Who’s Who?
HomeWorks Energy
A Winchester-based business owned by Scott Veggeberg and a Mass Save-participating Home Performance Contractor.
Has on-staff energy analysts trained through the Building Performance Institute. In addition, it is a certified HERS (Home Energy Rater) company.
Who’s Who?
Mass Save®
An initiative sponsored by Massachusetts' gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers. 
To help manage energy use and related costs, works closely with the MA Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings and information promoting energy efficiency.
Five or More Units?
For buildings with five or more units, our partner providers will refer inquiries to Conservation Services Group (CSG), which does assessments of these types of buildings.
Partners & Privacy
CoolWinchester has partnered with two energy assessment companies, Next Step Living and HomeWorks.  We share energy assessment leads from CoolWinchester publicity with both partners, so residents may be contacted by either one. In addition, residents may be contacted by Sagewell in connection with password-protected thermal images of their homes.
We at CoolWinchester are protective of the privacy of our fellow residents and will not share contact information without your permission.
Who’s Who?
Sagewell, Inc.
An independent  Cambridge-based firm that has done thermal imaging of Winchester homes.
Provides analysis reports —password-protected and free—can be used by home owners to make better decisions on what improvements have the best paybacks and environmental benefits.