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Why Take Action?
To improve the comfort of your home 
To increase the value of your home
To achieve short and long term savings
To reduce dependency on fossil fuels
To reduce pollution in our air and water and destruction of forests.
To leave a better world for future generations
Why NOT?
More About
The Low Carbon Diet is available at BookEnds and at the Winchester Public Library.
The CoolWin EcoTeam program is based on the Low Carbon Diet workbook. EcoTeams of up to eight households meet weekly for about a month to compare notes on their successes and challenges in improving energy efficiency and conservation in their homes and lives. 
Changes can be as simple as turning off lights when someone leaves a room or as ambitious as installing a renewable energy system in the home. Such measures cost as much or as little as each household chooses, and will save money on utility bills. 
Cool Winchester provides free guidance to EcoTeams, primarily through EcoTeam leaders who facilitate the meetings. Each meeting has a well-defined focus with specific topics to discuss and actions to take. No prior knowledge is required—just an interest in making improvements!
EcoTeam Meetings
Meetings usually take place in team member’s homes and at days and times that are convenient to the EcoTeam. The main focus of each meeting is as follows:
Meeting 1 
Learning how to use CoolWin’s Carbon Calculator tool to determine the household’s carbon footprint.
Getting started with the Action Plan tool for taking first steps toward carbon reductions.
Getting acquainted with each other.
Meeting 2
Discussing our the team’s completed Carbon Calculators.
Discussing the initial entries in each household’s Action Plan. 
Discussing household “Lifestyle Practices” as they relate to energy use.
Meeting 3
Reviewing household “Lifestyle Practices” entries in Action Plans.
Discussing “Household Systems,” such as heating or insulation.
Meeting 4
Reviewing “Household Systems” entries in Action Plans.
Discussing how to encourage others to join EcoTeams or take other steps to being more energy efficient. 
Finally, some time is reserved for celebrating how much the team has achieved in such a short time and the new acquaintances we have made! 
The EcoTeam Tools
The Carbon Calculator:  Below is an excerpt from a completed Carbon Calculator, used to determine a household’s initial carbon footprint.
There are just 13 questions. Totals are calculated automatically when you use CoolWin’s downloadable Carbon Calculator Excel file.
(f you prefer, download a PDF file and work with a paper copy.
The Action Plan:  Below is an excerpt of several questions from an example Action Plan, used to take steps toward carbon reductions. 
Questions are tied to sections in the Low Carbon Diet workbook. And your totals are calculated automatically when you use CoolWin’s downloadable Action Plan Excel file.
 If you prefer, download a PDF file and work with a paper copy.
Getting Started
Want to learn more? Want to sign up to participate on a team  OR be a team leader? Easy!
Link to CoolWin’s EcoTeam Interest form, fill in your contact details and we’ll find an EcoTeam for you.
If you prefer to work on paper
PRINT a copy