To become a more energy efficient, environmentally healthy community will require government, houses of worship, businesses, non-profits, households and others to embrace the challenge with enthusiasm and vigor. With approximately 85% of the town’s CO2 emissions coming from households, everyone’s help is needed in addressing household emissions. 
As of October 2011, Winchester’s Energy Management Committee, which concerns itself with the Town’s (municipal) energy usage reports the following:
Counting up energy conservation
$3 million Amount, in dollars, the town has saved since 2005 by lowering its energy usage, according to the Energy Management Committee. That number is based on the amount Winchester would have spent if it kept using energy at the same rate it did in 2005.
60% Percentage of the town’s energy costs that went toward electricity in FY2011. Twenty-two percent of the town’s costs went toward natural gas, and 17 percent went toward oil.
8 Number of town buildings that are fueled by natural gas. Only five buildings were fueled by natural gas in 2009. Meanwhile, five of the town’s buildings are fueled by oil.
81% Percent of the town’s energy costs that are spent on its school buildings. Winchester High School accounts for 29 percent of the energy costs, while McCall Middle School accounts for 18 percent.
$38,700 Amount the town saved for its energy revolving fund in FY2011 by installing lighting sensors at the McCall, Muraco, Lynch, and Mystic schools.
SOURCE:  Energy Management Committee
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From Report of
Winchester’s Climate Action Task Force
Ch. 5:  Personal Choice and Personal Impact
We are intricately connected to the world in which we live. We depend on it for emotional, physical, social and economic well being. And it depends on us. The footprint we now leave behind during our time on this planet is more than the tread marks of our shoes.
An awareness is emerging of our inescapable responsibility for our impact, a responsibility that is different from that of any previous generation. Whether we decide to take up that challenge and how will determine life for future generations.
We are beginning to see that significant changes in our daily practices may be needed as citizens, and a consensus is emerging that in our Town, in this time, we have the responsibility, and the privilege, to take climate action.
 Winchester’s Climate Action Committee review of the 
2011 Environmental Summit and more info, including a link to the downloadable Winchester Climate Action Plan.
Up-to-the-hour solar action
Winchester High School’s SOLAR PANELS
Community Partners
CoolWin has worked or partnered with the following community organizations: 
1st Congregational Church
2nd Congregational Church
83 Church Street Condos
Ambrose Parents Association
Book Ends 
First Baptist Church
Friends of Upper Mystic Lake
Lincoln Parents Association
Lynch Parents Association
McCall Middle School
Muraco Parents Association
Neighborhood Groups
Parish of Epiphany
Muraco Parents Association
Shanahan Real Estate
St. Eulalia’s
The Village Condos
Vinson-Owen Parents 
Wedge Pond Condos
Winchester Community 
  Music School
Winchester High School
   Parents Association
Winchester Neighbors Club
Winchester Unitarian Society
From Policy Statement by
Winchester Board of Selectmen 
On Sustainability
It is the policy of the Board of Selectmen, on behalf of 
current and future generations of Winchester residents, 
to improve our quality of life by moving strategically towards sustainability so that we can capture new opportunities, reduce costs and dramatically improve our environment.
The Board has identified the following programs as having the most beneficial impact on energy efficiency and the environment:
Climate Action Plan          Building Champions
Green Communities Certification          Energy Efficient Building Policy
Cool Winchester
Winchester in Transition
With so many cultural, economic and environmental changes taking place, we have the chance to build a greater sense of community among all who live, work, study, play, worship and conduct business in our town.
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Winchester In Transition
Winchester Unitarian Society
The church of the Winchester Unitarian Society has solar panels installed by Blue Selenium Solar. See Solar Installers.Solar_Installers.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0