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Wind power is generated at Maple Ridge Wind Farm in upstate New York and Kibby Wind Power in Maine before traveling into the New England power grid.
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  1. BulletIs it expensive?

  2. Unfortunately, as of March 1st, 2011 NSTAR green options nearly tripled in cost, making them somewhat less attractive.

  3. For a typical Winchester household, 100% renewable electricity now costs about $30/mo. extra—still less than $10/week.

  4. Use our NSTAR calculator (set for the March 1, 2011 rates) to be more precise: 2011Mar_NSTAR_Green_Calculator.xls 

  5. Consider 100% Green, as it is less than double the cost of 50% Green and has twice the impact.

  6. BulletIs it the "easy way out"?

  7. No, not as long as you consider all the other measures listed in your EcoTeam Action Plan as well.

  8. Yes, if you do nothing else. But even so, it is a very effective action to take.

  9. BulletHow is it effective?

  10. It forces the energy generation industry to develop more renewable energy sources.

  11. The more customers sign up, the more renewable electricity NSTAR is required to purchase.

  12. It is well regulated so that NSTAR cannot just fold the extra money into their existing plans.

  13. BulletHow do I sign up?

  14. The best way is to phone NSTAR at 800-592-2000 and ask for customer service. This way, the signup process is clearer and quicker than signing up on the web.

  15. You can instead go to the NSTAR web site and click on the “enrollment” link. When you sign up on the web you will get the following (somewhat disconcerting) message, "Your account will be examined to ensure you meet NSTAR Green's requirements."

  16. If your account is delinquent, they will not enroll you until paid up. 

  17. Once you are enrolled, you should receive confirmation on your next NSTAR bill.

  18. If you already have an alternate supplier (like Dominion),  you’ll need to switch back to NSTAR as your supplier first and then enroll in NSTAR Green. 

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